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Meet Kristian Montgomery from Hanover, MA


“Your New” is Kristian’s latest single

Kristian Montgomery’s story is the thing country songs are made of…movies are made of. He’s traveled the world, lived in many places and returned to where it began, time and time again. He’s had a hard life, a sweet life and a compelling life. The kind of life that was meant to be written about, and so he does.

Kristian is the son of a Danish immigrant and American girl, born in Florida but raised in New England. His father was a fisherman here but instilled a love of his homeland in his son. The singer/songwriter began his career in the church choir, while he lived with his grandparents. It was here that Montgomery found his voice and realized the power he had in it.

That voice would cover a lot of genre ground over the years; from celtic to shanties, Scandanavian songs, to metal rock. In fact, Kristian earned a Boston Music Award  nomination while in a metal band. After a life in Nicaragua on television, he returned to his father’s homeland to perform his music there, before heading back to New England to start a family. Following a divorce, Montgomery served time in jail after fighting for equal rights for fathers in Massachusetts.

Kristian has lost, and found… broken and rebuilt, all along the way using his voice and his music to heal and share his remarkable life. The artist says, “When your world is taken away it’s like watching a ship sail further and further away from you. You’re far apart, but if you put your feet in the water you’re still connected”

Maxims of Montgomery

  • From: Hanover ma
  • Grew up in:Hanover, Boston
  • Now lives in: Cape cod
  • Current Album: The Gravel Church
  • What lead you to music: I started in the church choir
  • How old when you started: 10
  • Instruments played: all
  • How would you describe your sound: alternative country with rock roots
  • Awards/accolades: Boston Music Award nominee, Amsterdam country singer of the year nominee
  • Dream duet partner: Kailie Dutton
  • All- time favorite country song: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
  • First country concert: Larry Gatlin Gatlin the Gatlin Brothers
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: fishing
  • Day Job: construction and fisherman
  • Most proud moment: the birth of my daughter Madeline
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I went to prison for telling a judge he was corrupt
  • Other things you like to do: hunt, travel home to Denmark and boats
  • Name at least 3 frivolous fun facts about you: I was born in Florida, I grew up in poverty to have a pretty good life. I have a lot of tattoos
  • Mantra: You have to be 10x better than the guy with less talent but more resources


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