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World Wrestling Entertainment has continued with operations putting on pro wrestling shows since the coronavirus pandemic hit. Most shows have been televised in front of an empty audience or with lesser-known wrestlers surrounding the ring acting as a live audience, cheering and booing the in-ring action. Most shows have been taped or live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

New reports suggest that this week there have been positive COVID tests in the “two dozen range” across the board with talent, production workers and other employees coming down with the virus. The reports are unconfirmed but two on-air talent – Renee Young and Kayla Braxton – and one production team member – Adam Pearce – have confirmed that they have contracted the virus.

As of now we don’t know who else, if anyone, has been affected but if reports are true there may be many more positive tests announced by WWE employees soon. We wish them all the best and a speedy and full recovery.