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Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard has two toddlers at home and one on the way, and as Father’s Day approaches this weekend, his partner and best friend Brian Kelley says that as a dad, “(Tyler is) amazing. I think it really comes very natural to him and Hayley, being parents, and they’re just takin’ it in stride.”

Brian says of Tyler’s father skills and patience, “We were trying to film something the other night, and they’re both kind of crying and getting kind of tired and probably hungry, and just watching the patience and the love, it’s fascinating and it’s amazing. And they’re great kids, and it’s just a beautiful thing to watch them all grow as a family and figure it out.”

He adds, “They’re raising their kids amazing and I think it’s very inspiring. I mean I think me and Brittany are definitely looking forward to this at some point whenever the good Lord’s ready for that. But it’s a blast having the kids around. Can’t wait to meet the new one.”

Tyler and Hayley are expecting another baby boy this fall.