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Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown

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Gabby Barret’s brand new album Goldmine  is out today (6/19), so she spoke with Jonathan Wier & Ayla Brown about what she’s been up to since quarantine, her new single, and growing up singing in her church.

Jonathan and Ayla spoke with Gabby at Country 102.5’s, Acoustic Live! back in March which was actually the last show Gabby played. Everyone was blown away by her performance and now I Hope  is getting even bigger with a feature from Charlie Puth. “It’s absolutely crazy, if you would of told me two years ago that all this was going to happen I would have told you you were bonkers.”

Gabby was influenced by a lot of music growing up which shows on her new album. One song that stood out to Ayla was Got Me  because it fits with the Christian genre. “I always loved Christian music because I actually started in a Gospel choir.” Gabby also notes R&B as an influence on her music style.

The Good Ones  was inspired by Gabby’s husband Cade. It started from people asking her how he was doing when they were still dating and she would say “Oh he’s a good one, he’s a keeper.” She wanted to write a song about ‘the good ones’ opposed to I Hope.

Listen to the full interview below!