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It seems like every other day we’re told something different about coffee… Have only one cup for your health. No, have 2 cups. Wait, don’t have any coffee. Now comes some new research to fill your cup.

Well, put on another pot, and grab a seat, because a recent British study suggests you can drink up to 8 cups a day, and it’s actually good for you!

They looked at data on over 9 million people and found that drinking coffee, and as much as 8 cups a day, actually decreased a person’s risk of all causes of death. Research concluded that consuming coffee can be a part of a healthy diet!

But hold up! There isn’t complete freedom. Keep in mind we are not talking giant iced caramel macchiatos here. We’re talking ground or filtered coffee, not instant. We’re not talking heavy or whipped cream and 10 sugars. And the cup size must also be considered. We’re talking 8 ounce cups.

But still… Yay!

More details can be found in this post

Complete results can be found here:  JAMA Internal Medicine.

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