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Matt Damon bought a 6,000-plus square foot luxury penthouse apartment and shut down an entire block in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood to move in today.

He bought the apartment in 2018 for $16.5 million, making it Brooklyn’s most expensive apartment at the time. Obviously he took his time moving in. He rented an enormous crane, which reached over 14 stories, to lift furniture and a bunch of trees onto his terrace. The building is called the Standish but one local resident explained “we call the building the Standoffish because it is a little bit of Hollywood dumped in the middle of the more low-key Brooklyn Heights.” The resident continued “He closed off the street all day and parked an enormous big red crane right in the middle of the street. There was no sign of Matt, but he had a huge team of contractors and there were shrubs, decking and huge crates filled with stuff going up in the air to the terrace. We were all waiting for the grand piano to be wheeled out.”

Looks like Matt’s wasting no time making friends with his neighbors.