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How would you celebrate a 7th career #1?

If you’re Sam Hunt, you celebrate with an early morning fishing outing and score a massive Striper!

Congrats on both counts, Sam!

He commented on his Instagram post, “Thanks to everybody who helped make Hard to Forget #1!! Celebrating with some early morning Tennessee Stripers.”

“Hard To Forget” is a blend of modern and traditional, sampling a Webb Pierce 1953 hit, “There Stands The Glass,” and infusing his signature Sam Hunt sound. It was co-written with some of Nashville’s big gun song writers- Shane McAnally, Luke Laird, Josh Osborne, Ashley Gorley, Audrey Grisham, Russ Hull and Mary Jean Shurtz. That’s a lot of talent in one song!

Sam recently shared his thought’s on his latest chart-topper: “Hard to Forget’ is a fun song that is kind of like ‘House Party’ and even ‘Leave the Night On,’ which is the first single I put out on my first record, and then I put out a song ‘Body Like A Back Road’ and then playing these songs live they go over so well in a live setting and are so fun to play live that I started to lean into that lane more on this record. That’s where ‘Kinfolks’ comes from, that’s where ‘Hard to Forget’ comes from. But that song ‘Hard to Forget’ kind of walks this tight rope and balances all these things in one song.”



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