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Carole Scarsella has gone viral post-mortem for her outrageous obituary. Carole, who was from just outside Buffalo, New York,  passed away on July 19th and her daughter Norma handled her obit which proclaimed that her late mother loved reading, “smoked millions of cigarettes,” and enjoyed gambling.

She also loved sports: “She was an avid sports fan. She loved the New York Yankees and LeBron James. She HATED Tom Brady.” Carole’s granddaughter Aggie resonated her grandma’s Brady-disdain posting Carole’s obituary on Twitter (see below) and captioning, “This is my grandma. I miss her endlessly. But I’m glad she is remembered and the people of buffalo also share her deep rooted hatred of Tom Brady.”

You can read Carole Scarsella’s full obituary here.