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As sports continue to adapt during current pandemic-times, Forbes has come up with it’s list of the most valuable sports teams in all of the world… and New England sports teams faired pretty well.  3 of our pro teams made the top 20, one made the top 10.

#1 on the list is the Dallas Cowboys. They’re currently worth $5.5 billion and were purchased in 1989 for $150 million.

#2 is the New York Yankees – valued at $5 billion.

#3 is the New York Knicks – valued at $4.6 billion.

#4 is the LA Lakers – valued at $4.4 billion.

The Golden State Warriors close out the top 5 – valued at $4.3 billion.

The New England Patriots are at #7 on the list – valued at $4.1 billion. The Boston Red Sox are valued at $3.3 billion – placing them at #16. And the Boston Celtics are tied with the Houston Texans at #20 – valued at $3.1 billion.

No teams from the NHL, Nascar, MLS or Formula One made the top 50.

Check out the full list RIGHT HERE.