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Thanks to Brach’s, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner could look like 6 candy corns on a plate. They’ve just released turkey-dinner-flavored candy corn. The new assortment has already been popping up at Walgreens and includes 6 flavors of candy corn: sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots – and here’s where it gets really odd – green beans, stuffing, and roasted turkey.

Candy corn is a Halloween staple, which is still over 2 and a half months away. Thanksgiving is even further off – November 26th – but why not celebrate 3 and a half months early… with these gnarly treats.

Which flavor sounds best/worst to you? I’m going with sweet potato pie for best and stuffing for worst. I mean… bread-flavored candy?? No thanks. Let me know your thoughts: @jacksonblue on Twitter. Happy Hallowgiving!!!