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While Brett Young and his family call Nashville home now, he grew up in Southern California near the ocean, so anytime he can get to a beach he jumps at the opportunity.

Brett told us, “I grew up about an hour south of Los Angeles specifically the city of Huntington Beach. The part of Huntington Beach that we grew up in was like the inland part which is still about two miles from the ocean.”

He went to college at Ole Miss, which wasn’t near a beach, but he says afterward he immediately moved back to Southern California to be near the ocean. He says, “I moved to the west side of Los Angeles, just outside of Santa Monica. And again, I was about two miles from the sand.”

Young adds, “There’s this thing in me that I think anybody that grew up at the beach has, where you can be happy other places, but anytime you can’t jump in the car and drive to the beach you’re gonna feel a little bit landlocked, and it’s nothing that a lake or a pond or anything like that can do for you.”

During quarantine, Brett and his wife and daughter have had a chance to spend some time out on the West Coast and on the beach.