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Charles Kelley of Lady A has a four-year old son named Ward, who he says is basically his “mini-me.” Whether he’s teaching Ward how to ride a boogie board or golf, or gardening with him, or introducing him to music, he clearly enjoys his time with his son.

Kelley told us, “One of my favorite things to do with Ward now is … you know, there’s so many parents who are like, ‘No TV! No TV.’ We love our movie nights. I’ll come home from workIn’ all day, and I love just settling down and we’ll sit down, pop popcorn and cuddle up together and just watch whatever cartoon movie he wants to watch. And we go on hikes, too, together, which is always fun.”

The family has been spending time at the beach this summer and Charles’ wife Cassie posted a picture of Ward to Instagram yesterday (8/10), saying, “Operation: put all the sand in my swimsuit is complete. #30a @charleskelley.”

Kelley and all the members of Lady A are definitely getting lots of quality time with their kids during quarantine, while they continue to promote their latest single, “Champagne Night.”