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Cher is trying to take matters into her own hands to control the fate of the U.S. Postal Service. The singer sent out a series of tweets to see if she could volunteer at her local branch to help.

She wrote, “Can ppl volunteer at post office?! NO,IM NO KIDDING…COULD I VOLUNTEER AT MY POST OFFICE ?!”

About an hour after, she added, “IS NO ONE GOING TO HELP ME WITH POST OFFICE?”

She then updated fans about her quest to volunteer with the company.

She said, “OK,Called 2 post offices In Malibu.They were polite. I Said ‘Hi This Is Cher,& I Would like to know If you ever take Volunteers’ Lady Said She Didn’t Know & Gave Me # Of Supervisor. I Called & Said Hi This is Cher Do U Accept volunteers. “NO, Need Fingerprints & Background Check.”

At the end of her tweet, she added a crying face emoji.

Bette Midler and Cyndi Lauper also offered to volunteer too. Sadly, none of the ladies have been hired yet.

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