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After the death of George Floyd, when protesters started marching in the streets for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, many in country music reached out to Darius Rucker to ask him for his thoughts on the matter.

Darius told us, “The thing that really got me was the people in Nashville who were friends of mine called to talk about it. They didn’t call me to ask me to exonerate them or anything, they called me to talk about it and wanted to know what I thought and really were honest and straight up and said some things that I don’t think they ever thought they would say to me.”

He added, “And it was something that really, for me was heartwarming because I realized this is really making a difference.”

Rucker also said that many of his country music friends didn’t realize some of his experiences like racial attacks on Twitter and going to concerts and seeing confederate flags at shows.

Darius said, “I don’t think they were aware because they didn’t think about it like when I wrote that thing on the Internet a lot of my friends took a step back and went, ‘Wow, I never thought about that. I never thought that he’d have to walk in with something like that.’ And when they thought about it, a couple guys were really shaken to the core. It was moving. It was great to talk to all my friends.”