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Tim McGraw just released his new album, Here On Earth, last Friday, and at 53 years old with a 30-year career to his credit, Tim says he has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

He told us, “I don’t know that there’s a marker that I have. I don’t foresee myself doing it forever, for sure.”

McGraw adds, “I mean gosh, our youngest daughter is going away to college – knock on wood – hopefully in the fall, not that I want her to, but for her to be able to go to college and have that experience. It seems like a good time to work more. You know, three kids out on their own, my wife hanging out with me. I’m looking forward to workin’, for the foreseeable future anyway.”

Tim posted to Instagram last night (8/26), “If you ask me, I got it made…. moments like this are what make life worthwhile.  Thank you for diving into these songs with us.  #Gravy is a special track and I’m so glad it made the record.  #HEREONEARTH.”