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Tim McGraw’s new album Here On Earth is out today (8/21) and the songs have a common thread that holds them all together.

Tim explains that going into recording the project, “I had a concept. Now, that’s not to say that this is really a ‘concept album,’ but I had an idea when I went into this project that I really wanted to sort of make a tapestry of life. Little vignettes along the way that tells a story about certain things that happen in the progression of life and how that can relate to the listener, and how everyone can sort of find a way to walk through this life on this album.”

He adds, “And that’s what good art does I think. It allows you to superimpose yourself – find something interesting in the song or the character in the song, or the book or the movie that puts yourself into that situation, or can relate to that situation. It may not be exactly what your situation is but you can relate to it.”

McGraw concludes, “That’s what I was trying to do with this album is sort of paint a picture of life here on earth. And ‘Here on Earth’ we didn’t really have as a title. We didn’t have the song when we started workin’ on the record. And when we got that song in and we cut it, and started fillin’ songs in around it, it just really made sense that that’s what we were trying to do. And that’s how ‘Here on Earth’ became the title because of the idea that I had to start with of what I wanted the album to feel like.”