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Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley are just a week or two away from their third child being born and Tyler will welcome that child with a broken ankle, following a dirt bike accident.

The Florida Georgia Line singer posted a video on his Instagram explaining what happened. He said in part, “My world has drastically slown down. I was at the track riding my dirt bike a couple days ago, jumped a jump, landed flat and blew out my ankle.”

He added, “Unfortunately I have to get surgery next week and then we’ll start the journey to recovery. Anyway this couldn’t be worse timing, I really bummed, I’m upset that I can’t be helpful around the house. I’m gonna try to stay positive.”

Tyler wrote in his post, “Doc said his goal was to have me walking in 5 weeks. Hayley and I said ‘make it 4 weeks because that’s when baby number 3 gets here.’ Keep our family in yalls prayers. We are going to need it. Now I’m going to muster up the energy to hobble to the toilet. #badtiming.”