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Walker Hayes and his family (he’s a father of five) celebrated a milestone in his teenage daughter’s life this week with a red velvet cake.

Walker posted to Instagram, “Red velvet in honor of Lela starting her period she’s a good sport #makepubertynotweird

Turns out a period “celebration cake” is actually a thing now as parents all over try overcome the stigma of menstruation. The Huffington Post writes that for many people, “This kind of celebration is a way to destigmatize and minimize the sense of shame around periods ― a topic that’s still considered embarrassing or taboo to talk about.”

Period parties are happening all over the country and they also present the opportunity to address some of the fear, uncertainty and confusion young people feel around menstruation.

Dominique Christina described a period party she threw for her 13-year-old daughter to The Huffington Post, “My daughter, she starts her period, and she’s stricken and walks out the bathroom looking like she’s died or something. And I wanted to undermine that,” Christina said. “So I threw her a period party, my homies rolled up, dressed in red, and there was red food and red drinks. It was great. All red everything.”

Hayes’ post about celebrating with his daughter got over 10,000 likes including one from fellow country star Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town.