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Meet: The Jake Ash Band 

This 6 piece New England band is fire! 4 Brockton firefighters and one beer delivery driver ignited the music scene on the South Shore 7 years ago, when they were just looking to blow off steam. Their original intentions were just to have some fun in their downtime.

Fun fact: There is no Jake Ash, but the original 5 decided on the name, as a play on “Jake” meaning a firefighter and Ash, because of obvious reasons, and their love of Johnny Cash, as in J. Cash. Ahhh. Now, it’s clear.

In 2016. the boys added a female co-lead singer/ fiddle player and the band was complete. Together, their chemistry, experience and songwriting has lit up Massachusetts stages and made the Jake Ash Band one of the most sought after live acts. The coronavirus has obviously held the band back from performing, but has not kept them from making more music. The good-time sound of JAB is spreading like, well… you know, fire. And I’m delighted to share their original music with you.


Fire Up The Music

“Pain Change” is the Jake Ash Band’s latest single, available on all streaming platforms. It was written by fiddle player and co-lead singer Jenna Noble.


Back in 2018 the band stopped by our studios and performed their original, “5 Star Dive Bar” live!

Local Catch! Jake Ash Band - "5 Star Dive Bar"

Local Country artist Jake Ash Band stops by to perform "5 Star Dive Bar" for Kruser's Local Catch!


Jake Ash Facts

  • How did you get your name: We were founded by 4 firefighters (jakes) and a beer delivery guy. Jake Ash is also a play on word for J. Cash, our all time favorite country performer.
  • Band is from what town or area : South Shore of MA
  • How did you come together and when: Formed in 2013 with the current lineup together since  2016.
  • Band members:
    Paul Gardner – bass (firefighter and founding member)
    Ken Snow – Lead singer/acoustic guitar (beer delivery guy and founding member)
    Jenna Noble – co lead singer/fiddle player
    Paul Talkowski – Lead guitar
    Mark Silvia – Keyboards
    Dennis Cadorette – drums
  • Band Members hometowns: South Shore, MA and Chicago (Jenna)
  • How would you describe your sound: Northeast Country (Boston area Rock mixed with modern
    Nashville country)
  • Biggest influences: Zac Brown, Aerosmith, Eric Church, Brandi Carlile, Ella Fitzgerald, Old 97’s, Grateful Dead
  • All time favorite country song: Pancho and Lefty by Willie Nelson
  • Current favorites on Country 1025: Lovin’ On You by Luke Combs, Why We Drink by Justin Moore, The Bones by Maren Morris
  • Day jobs: Paul Gardner – Brockton Firefighter
    Ken Snow – Beer delivery guy
    Jenna Noble – Elementary school music teacher
    Mark Silvia – Brockton EMT
    Paul Talkowski – Banking
    Dennis Cadorette – Cymbal maker at Zildjian
  • Most proud moment: Winning 2018 New England Country Music Local Band of the year!Craziest thing that ever happened …either performing or meeting a fan or in your music career:
    (if applicable) Opening for Charlie Daniels at Yarmouth Country Fest
  • Fun Fact: Guitarist Paul Talkowski and drummer Dennis Cadorette are lifelong friends and can tandem juggle 6 balls!

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