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Grass stains are now in.

But why waste time rolling in grass when you can have Gucci do it for you? *sarcasm*

Gucci just debuted a pair of $1,200 jeans that appear to be pre-stained with grass as part of its ‘grungy’ new collection. The Italian luxury brand treated the material to create the illusion of grass stains and the jeans are made from recycled materials, according to the product description. There is also an overalls-variety of the same design available for a mere $1,400.

Gucci describes the design as channelling a ‘grunge vibe’ this Fall/Winter 2020. I describe the design and cost as “soooooooooo stupid.” Gucci, are you paying attention to 2020? No one wants your dirty jeans for $1,200. Go home, you’re drunk.