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Dierks Bentley has spent all of quarantine in Colorado with his family just living life and taking a break.

He tells Taste Of Country, “We’re kinda just here indefinitely, I guess … happy to be out here right now. Ah, I’m kind of just living right now … the world is taking a little bit of a break, and I think we are, too.”

Bentley has been pretty quiet on social media with just a few posts like this one from last week where he reminisced about his Seven Peaks Festival saying, “Looking back at old pictures from #sevenpeaksfest… missing when I got to play music with these guys…”

When asked about retiring early, Dierks laughed and said that is not in the plan and that he was “looking forward to getting back out with the band and crew when I can.”

He added, “I’m just concentrating on the things I can concentrate on right now, which is my family. I’m writing a lot of songs … just concentrating on my family and my kids and my music.”