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Keith Urban released his latest album, The Speed Of Now Part 1″ today.

An obvious question is — given the album’s title — will there be a The Speed Of Now Part 2?

“I don’t know,” he tells us. “I think it depends on so many things, I mean, when do we start touring? What would the touring look like? How long will that take? And then how does that give me time to make Part 2, so I really don’t know. I certainly don’t see it anytime soon.”

He notes, “I’m anxious to get out on the road.”

He says that the reason for putting the “Part 1” in the title was because he had a lot of extra material. “There are 14 songs and then two bonus tracks, but there is a lot of songs that I recorded that that got left off this record that was heartbreaking for me to leave off. And that’s when I hit upon the idea to do part one and part two, cause I really want those songs to find their way out as well.”