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The CDC may be encouraging us to cancel trick-or-treating but Hocus Pocus canned wine is here to kick the quarantine blues this Halloween season! (Sorry kids, these are for mommy and daddy!)

Organic, vegan winemaker Besa mi Vino has teamed up with custom beverage company Eliqs to create the limited-edition Hocus Pocus canned wines. You can choose rosé or white wine – or a variety pack combo of the two.

A six-pack costs $36. 3 cans roughly equal one bottle of wine, so you’re looking at $18/bottle – not too bad if you’re a wine-loving Hocus Pocus fan.

The cans feature Winifred, Mary and Sarah, along with fun movie-inspired quotes like “I put a spell on you and now you’re wine.” If you want to check out more about the wines (or order yours now) GO HERE!!!