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Coronavirus Updates

How often do you clean your phone? Probably not as often as you should.

Scientists at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness showed COVID-19 is “extremely robust,” surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass found on mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes at room temperature, or 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). That compares with 17 days of survival for the flu virus.

Virus that causes COVID-19 survives up to 28 days on surfaces, Australian scientists find | ABC News

Australian researchers have discovered the virus which causes COVID-19 can survive for much longer than previously thought. They've found while the virus cou...

Virus survival declined to less than a day at 40 degrees Celsius on some surfaces, according to the study. The findings add that coronavirus survives for longer in cooler weather.

The study which was published by Virology Journal reports the main transmission method for COVID-19 remains by droplets, contaminated surfaces may still be possible.

“If we couldn’t control it very well during the summer, we are in for a big surprise,” said in a statement to Bloomberg QuickTake.