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Florida Georgia Line member Brian Kelley’s wife Brittany reacted to an internet meme that the country website Whiskey Riff posted to their socials and she was not happy at all.

The meme said, “When Florida Georgia Line hits you with a new single” and then it had CNN’s Jake Tapper saying (actually responding to the Presidential debate), “It was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside of a train wreck.”

Brittany Kelley posted to her Insta stories a picture of Whiskey Riff’s Steve Gazibara’s Instagram with the words, “How would you feel if people came to your page and started slamming your families hard work? Tsk. Tsk. So sad you aren’t a part of the country community acting like that.”

Whiskey Riff responded to Brittany saying, “Nobody ‘came’ on your page and nobody brought family into it except…. oh wait, YOU. You’re the one who, without any knowledge of the who made the meme, brought Steve’s family into it by sharing his personal Instagram details with photos of his wife and newborn son. Also, we blurred out the screenshot of Steve’s profile for this post, Brittney did not. She was clearly trying to get people to attack his family, not Whiskey Riff.”

They added, “She didn’t come at the Whiskey Riff Instagram page, she didn’t come at the Whiskey Riff business as a whole, she didn’t comment on the meme itself with something funny and witty like others have in the past. We used to rate Chris Young’s selfies on Twitter, a joke that he took in stride and now we all laugh about it together when we’re drinking tequila at Tin Roof. Nope, she took the low road and got personal.”