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St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

Eggnog is one of the most popular Christmas beverages. And although the classic versions of the drink are great, there are also some ways to jazz it up a bit. Here are five options:

Eggnog Recipe

Before we get into class eggnog alternatives, here’s a classic recipe. For this version, you’ll need eggs, sugar, cinnamon, milk, vanilla extract, salt, nutmeg, and whipped cream.

How to Make Eggnog (Non-alcoholic) | Quick and Easy Christmas Recipe | DIY Holiday Treats

How to Make Eggnog (Non-alcoholic)| Quick and Easy Christmas Recipe | DIY Holiday Treats Non-alcoholic Eggnog that is quick and easy to make, a delicious Chr...

Take Your Eggnog up a Notch

On the Food website, they have traditional eggnog recipes, but they have also gone all out and give suggestions to take your eggnog game to a whole to level. Some recipes include making eggnog banana bread, eggnog cookies, eggnog martinis, Vegas eggnog, pumpkin eggnog pie, eggnog pancakes, and eggnog fudge.

Vegan Egg Nog

Just because you don’t eat animal products doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cup of eggnog. One Green Planet has a version where you can use a ripe pear, a milk alternative, raw cashews, chia seeds, nutmeg, vanilla extract, rum flavoring, and a sweetener.

Eggnog Milkshake

This is like eggnog on steroids. For this recipe, you’ll need ice cream, milk, cream, salted caramel sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, egg yolks, and gingerbread cookies, and sugar.


Christmas is upon us, and in some countries you guys are freezing, surrounded by snow, while the rest of us are literally dying of heat haha. This is my eggn...