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I don’t know what it means…are they good friends? Are they dating? Was this a pandemic superstar hookup in Mass?

What I do know is that the actor from Sudbury and the Olympian from Needham both have rescue dogs and apparently they got their pups together to play. Much to our delight they shared some video of the puppy playdate on social media.

But wait, there’s more… Captain America appeared to be wearing his Knives Out cable knit sweater, while cuddling Aly’s new baby, Milo

Chris met his dog, Dodger while he was shooting his 2015 Movie, Gifted (great rental, btw). They’ve been best buddies ever since. Evans even credited Dodger with the reason he finally joined Instagram. He took his for his best friend even further by getting Dodger’s name tattooed on his chest!

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman found her true love just recently in Rhode Island

Honestly whether the actor and the gymnast are dating or not…we want more puppy videos!

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