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“Would you like to go on a…. WALKIE?!” That’s my favorite line of “Raise the Woof,” which is being described as the first Christmas song ever for dogs.

I know, I know, you’re thinking “what about ‘Jingle Dogs.'” Well – that is considered a novelty song for human beings. “Raise the Woof” is the first Christmas song not created for the enjoyment of humans – but rather for the enjoyment of our four-legged furry little friends. (Oddly enough I enjoy it waaayyy more than ‘Jingle Dogs’ too. Maybe I’m a Germen Shephard.)┬áThe science behind the song uses over 500 sounds that dogs like.

So I’ll embed the video/song below. Crank your speakers and let me know if your dog enjoys it. And I’ll give an update after I play it for my dog Bubble. Let’s see if it fills them with the holiday spirit!

Let me know how your dog reacts on Twitter or on Instagram. (Those are links to both of my accounts.) And now… please enjoy “Raise the Woof:”