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Tim McGraw has spent the last several years working out and has one of the toughest work out regiments in country music. McGraw has lengthy and intense workouts and during the pandemic, he’s been working even harder.

Tim says, “I’m hardheaded so it’s hard for me to sit still very long, so I have to do something most of the time. I was actually getting geared up and starting to really pick my workouts up because we were gettin’ ready to go into rehearsals and gettin’ ready for the tour coming in July. So, I had been picking my workouts up until all this (pandemic) happened.”

McGraw admits that recently, “I’ve taken it a little easier and taken a few days off, more than I usually do.”

Tim says he works out extra hard when his wife, Faith Hill, is making things in the kitchen. He says, “When Faith’s cooking. I sorta work out harder that day when I know she’s cookin’ something good. So, I’ll try to earn it.”

The one thing Faith makes that has forced Tim to spend lots of extra time in the gym during the pandemic is her fried chicken, plus McGraw says she makes a “pretty dang good country fried steak.”