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Carrie Underwood has spent much of the year on her My Gift Christmas album.

As she tells us, music is an important part of the season, “There is no other part of the year that gets its own music exclusively. When you think about it, entire radio stations switch over to play Christmas music around Christmas time. So, I feel like it just puts you in the mood for Christmas.”

She adds, “Christmas is something that everybody looks forward to and to have Christmas music start playing way before Christmas. It usually does because people just can’t wait to get there. It puts you in a mood. It changes your state of mind. It gets you ready for it and it just makes you feel a certain way.”

Underwood recently shared a behind the scenes video of her holiday duet with John Legend. She posted to Instagram, “Behind The Scenes of “Hallelujah.” So proud of the #Hallelujah music video with @johnlegend, and the whole team that made it happen! Check out a behind the scenes look from the day we shot it!”

Carrie Underwood