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Meet Catherine Roche from Haverhill

Catherine has such a beautiful, natural country delivery. Her tender vibrato breathes honesty into every note. Her warmth brings strength to her message, and her heart is clearly worn on her sleeve. That’s what makes Roche such a a natural.

This creative soul works hard at her craft. She is always dreaming, always writing, always recording, and always sharing her art. Her debut EP was produced in Nashville by Kent Wells, known for his work with one of Catherine’s hero’s, Dolly Parton. Clearly she is inspired, like Dolly, to make songwriting as important as her performance.

When this pandemic if finally over, I hope you have the chance to see Catherine Roche perform live. She has an energetic and engaging stage presence that lifts a crowd and lights up a room.

Catch Catherine’s new song

“If That Ain’t Me” hasn’t officially been released yet, but you can hear it here! Catherine said “My song is about finding the inner child in you. Children have no fear when it comes to life and what they want. If they want to be something, they say it and believe it. When you get older life can get hard and doubts can flood the mind, but we should always remember that fearless child in us we all have.”


Roche- Up close

  • From: Haverhill
  • Grew up in: Haverhill
  • Latest single: If That Ain’t Me
  • What lead you to music: I started singing when I was A little girl and always loved to put on shows for everyone and would set up my stuffed animals and dolls and would put on concerts, but it wasn’t until I was 18 when I started perusing professionally.
  • Instruments played: Vocals and guitar
  • How would you describe your sound: My sound is very country / folk but I love to mix in a little rock here and there !
  • Who inspires you: Everyday I am being inspired by something and someone. Anytime I feel a positive shift around someone or something, I’m feeling inspired!
  • Dream duet partner: Dream partner is most definitely between Miranda Lambert and Lori Mckenna
  • All time favorite country song: Honestly it changes everyday! haha!
  • First country concert: Tim McGraw
  • Current favorites on Country 1025: I’m diggin on “One of Them Girls” by Lee Brice and I’m also loving Carly Pearce and Lee Brice “I Hope Your Happy Now.”
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I would still want to do something in the music business, but I love being creative, so also maybe the next Joanna Gaines
  • Most proud moment: One of my most proud moments was opening for Morgan Evans in Boston
  • Fun facts: I owned and trained my very own horse who was a wild mustang. His name is Bandit, and I miss him so much. I also LOVE to bake and cook and I can make the best margaritas in town. Just ask anyone. Also, I can flip my eyelids inside out
  • Mantra: Keep your faith, believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you, you can’t. You can!


Catherine’s Community


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