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As I type this, New England is blanketed in a fresh coat of snow. What goes better with that view out the window than a nice cup of hot cocoa? How about some new Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola? It may be coming in 2021. But they’re asking for retweets first!

Pepsi posted the news on their Twitter, saying that the flavor is the latest from their Pepsi Test Kitchen (which makes me wonder what kind of nasty things they’ve passed on in the past that have come out of there). Pepsi says that they’ll make up and sell a small batch of the “Cocoa” Cola… IF they get at least 2021 retweets on the tweet. Spoiler alert: they already made it. So get ready for some sweet, sweet cocoa cola. Hold up. You think Coca-Cola has a problem with Pepsi doing this?!? I think Pepsi is trolling….