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Why do we love it when artists show their love for other genres? Perhaps it’s because despite the fact that music is so subjective, it’s also the thing that binds us.

Watching hip hop pop rapper singer songwriter and producer totally digging a good ole country song is just too fun not to share.

We know Post Malone appreciates country music, as his love of Shania has been well documented. He’s even played with Dwight Yoakam, worn Dolly Parton, and expressed interest in working with King George himself, George Strait. He did move to a suburb outside of Texas when he was just 9 years old, so the music there clearly had an influence on the musician.

Take a look as the man born Austin Richard Post (even sounds like a country name) enjoys a rousing sing-a-long to John Michael Montgomery’s 1995 classic, “Sold (the Grundy Country Auction)”

Back in 2019 Post showed his love of Dolly Parton by wearing Dolly Parton (her face printed all over his clothes) at Bonnaroo . Dolly responded:

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