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It’s such a holiday tradition for a kid: standing in line at the mall with your parents so you can get a few seconds with Santa to tell him that you’ve been really good this year then quickly rattling off what you want for Christmas this year. Then *snap* and you’re on your merry way and mom & dad are happy because they have a photo memory from that year with Santa. Well with 2020 being 2020 a mall in Houston, Texas has replaced Santa for safety-sake this year with a hologram of Santa’s severed head… in a jar!

Ok… it’s not that grim but look! It is pretty creepy actually:

The installation is called “Santa’s MAGI·SPHERE,” and visitors will be able to interact with it until December 24th, Christmas Eve. Part heart-warming and part nightmare-inducing. What a strange memory to look back on of 2020…