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Brian Kelley recently announced he would be releasing a new solo album this spring. It turns out his new album was inspired by him picking up the acoustic guitar and reconnecting with it during the pandemic.

Brian said, “I stopped playing with a pick, and I didn’t plan on that. I just started playing a bunch this summer and kind of would walk out to our porch, and I had this smaller guitar. I could just kinda walk around carrying it and it was super easy. And then the next thing you know, I tried to play with a pick and I’m like, ‘that feels crazy.’ I used to play with a pick all the time and that felt really weird.”

It was a different sound for him and different from the kind of music Florida Georgia Line is known for. He said, “(I was) just really enjoying trying to better myself on the guitar and play a bunch of different songs I never learned before, and just try to work on my skills a little bit. And I think that’s also helped me through quarantine and through this time help my songwriting.”

Kelley calls his reconnection with the acoustic guitar “a creative re-birth in a sense,” and he’s excited to work on his music in addition to FGL’s music.

Florida Georgia Line’s new album, Life Rolls On, will be available wherever music is streamed or sold on February 12th, featuring their latest single, “Long Live.”


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