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Carrie Underwood’s 2020 was mostly spent at home; she also worked on her Christmas album, My Gift, which she released in October of 2020.

However, Carrie shared that while it wasn’t a great year at all, she did have some things in 2020 that she is glad she had. She told us, “Honestly, I think at the end of the day, getting to be home, getting to be in one place, you know, usually we’re so go and there’s so much travel and there’s shows and there’s just lots of lots of reasons to go which I’m good at.”

She added, “I like working. I like to be on the go. I like to do what I do and at the beginning of 2020 it was confusing. I’ve never been in one place this long before and what started out as kind of a stressor kind of became that silver lining and I got to watch my children grow.”

Underwood continued. “You know, my my oldest son is going to be six in February. My youngest is going to be two in January. That time I cannot get back. And at the end of many years from now, I feel like I’m going to look back on 2020 and first say, ‘What a mess’ but second, I got to spend that year at home watching my boys grow up and I can’t get this time back.”