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Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike have created quite the little farm of animals on their land near Nashville. Around Christmas (2020), Carrie confirmed that the family has purchased a few family cows as pets.

Underwood shared at the time, “Cows are probably my favorite animal because I grew up with them and I think they just have such personalities. I just can’t wait to really get to know ours. But they’re doing good. They’re they’re happy. And my son named them Brownie and Oreo because one’s brown and one is black and white.”

Carrie mentioned that she’s not done collecting farm animals and expressed what she wants next, “I think our next is going to be donkeys because they’re just good to have as far as like coyotes go on the farm. I think that’s probably our next thing on the list and I feel like we just keep getting more and more chickens.”

Carrie Underwood