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Carrie Underwood was on the Drew Barrymore show this week where she surprised a young fan who was helping out front line workers during the COVID -19 pandemic.

A 7-year-old girl named Haley was on the show talking about how she made $27,000 to buy PPE for hospitals by making bracelets and selling them. After announcing that her bracelets are going to be in the Grammy “swag bag” (given to artists and VIPs who attend the Grammys), Drew told her via Zoom, “Speaking of the Grammys seven-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood is loving what you’re doing and we actually have someone here that wanted to say thank you as well.”

Carrie then joined the Zoom call saying “Hi Haley, I wish so much that I could meet you in person right now. You are adorable and you’re a perfect example, it doesn’t matter how old you are whatever it is that you are into you took your love of bracelets and you used it to make the world a better place.”

Then both Drew and Carrie donated $5,00 to her cause of helping to buy PPE for hospitals.

Carrie Underwood Shocks Heroic 7-Year-Old Fan with a Zoom Surprise and PPE Donation

Inspiring seven-year-old Hayley and her mom Lori explain to Drew how they raised over $27,000 for a local hospital before getting an amazing surprise from Carrie Underwood!

Carrie Underwood