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Meet Eric Grant from Guilford, NH

The past ten years have afforded Eric and his band an accumulation of accolades, albums, singles and plenty of stage time in New England. Hard work has paid off for EGB. They’ve racked up an impressive record of local, state, regional and national titles.

The band has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in country music, serving as supporting acts for Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Eric Church, Blake Shelton , Lady A, Keith Urban, Lee Brice, Zac Brown Band and many more.

Eric was exposed to music at a very young age, and was inspired by his parents, and what he was listening to on the radio, to make it a career. Once bitten, there was no turning back, and no giving up. He and his band have released 2 albums, one of which was recorded in Nashville with Jason Aldean’s band.

When you listen to Eric and his band, there is no doubt, they are in it for love, and for good. There’s truly a juxtaposition of ease and passion in their music. You can hear they are completely comfortable in what they are doing and just jonesing to get out there and do it! The music is fiercely fun, skilled, and impassioned. This combination makes for not only a great live show, but for motivation to move, think and feel. And isn’t that what music is all about?


Meet the Band

  • Kelcey Salois – vocals
  • Paul Diabiaso- keys
  • Mark Phaneuf- guitar
  • Justin Beaulieu- drums
  • Jeff Furlotte- bass


EGB Buzz

The Eric Grant Band’s “Country As It Gets” is contagious! But this is something you want to catch. Take a listen to the infectious melodies, driving beat, and uplifting vibe of this good-time jam


Grant Me This 

  • From: Guilford, NH
  • Single: “Country As It Gets”

Country As It Gets-This song was fun to write for me as I became hooked on the “New Country” sound. However as a New England native I came to grips that I did not have a farm or a tractor lol. So I dug deep and thought about what really makes someone “country”. As they say 3 chords and the truth goes a long way. This song is for the people who are big on family, faith, values and at the same time home and their country. Its about your words and actions making you a quality hard working person. Its about sacrificing and giving more than you take. In the song I’m quick to acknowledge that I don’t have the “green tractor” or a “fishing rod”. Although I do own a couple guns and a jacked up Chevy lol. However, I do love a good camp fire and being in the woods. I love family and friends. I respect and appreciate our service men and woman and love my country. And at the end of the day my handshake is worth everything, and I’m willing to work had for what I have. THIS is country to me.

  • What lead you to music: When I was a kid my mom and dad both played music. My dad played bass in bands and won his high school battle of the bands. My mom would sit with me when I was very young singing an playing on the keyboards. She would teach me how to play.
  • How old when you started: I picked away at the keyboards and piano from very young right up to high school. Then when I was a junior a family friend made me join band with their son and it was off to the races! I was hooked lol
  • Instruments played: I know play a little of everything. My main instruments are acoustic, piano, bass and vocals. But over the years have added drums, guitar 6 & 12, Mandolin, ukulele and accordion.
  • How would you describe your sound: I think it’s a hybrid for the band. Cross between Rascal Flatts meets Jason Aldean with a spoonful’s of ZBB.
  • Who inspires you: The first memorable country song that swept me away was “Remember When” Alan Jackson. Leveled me. Then Rascals I “I Melt” Closed the deal! I love songs with genuine story’s that I can relate to and attach emotions to. Guys like Zac Brown, Eric Church, Randy Houser, Rascals, Aldean and a few of my favs. But I love some of the ladies to. Miranda and Sugarland are a couple favs but you cant not like some blood pumping honky tonk Gretchen Wilson!
  • What’s in a name: The EGB name literally came in out of no where as “E-G-B”. Ill never forget our original drummer and long time friend John Littlefield and I driving in the car and he says..”ya know once we get this EGB thing off the ground..” and I was like what did you say? Lol. I had never thought about selfishly using my name for the band but after much talk with the group it was decided as a team that would be our nameplate. Honored..
  • Awards/accolades:

2019 NECMO Band, Vocal Group, New Country Male/Female and Song of the year

2015 New England Band, Vocal Group, New Country Male/Femals and Song of the year

2012 NICS Vocal Group of the Year

2012 NHCMA Song, CD Vocal Group and Band of the year

2012 South by Southwest Airlines “Calling all Musicians” winner

2011 NACMAI New Country Band and Vocal Group of the year

2010 NHCMA New Country Band, Vocal Group, Male/Female Vocalists

2010 NECMO New Country Band Vocal Group, Male/Female Vocalist

  • Dream duet partner: Zac Brown
  • All- time favorite country song: I truly love the song “Remember When” by Alan Jackson. It will always be the first love.
  • First country concert: Rascal Flatts
  • What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Straight To Hell..Darius, Aldean, Charles and it! Makes me laugh and tap my toes.
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: probably selling cars with a velvet jacket and elbow pads LOL
  • Day Job (if applicable): Full time Muso
  • Most proud moment: I will never forget and always be so proud of EGB raising money and writing songs to go to Nashville and record. In 2012 we worked so hard to make music the best we could. We were lucky enough to open for Jason Aldean and meet his band. They offered to record us and we did just that. Once in a lifetime experience.
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: Having Chris Young jump on stage with you and your band is a life long winner!! However Ill always love the moment we were opening for Trace Adkins and Unlcle Kracker. Well Mr Kracker was not avail for sound check. So my band was still side stage after our sound check. They started playing Drift Away. I made eye contact with the guitarist and signaled if he wanted me to sing. He happily pointed to the Mic and there I was a full level sound check center stage with a national touring band.
  • Other things you like to do: I’m an outdoors guy, so everything from hiking and biking to snowmobiling and boating is where you’ll find me. At the same time, a trip to the ocean for some sea air and splashing waves is my church.
  • Fun facts: -I LOVE all things Disney!! Total sucker from movies to the parks. -I have a REALLY loud whistle lol. I find it completely hilarious to sneak up behind people and whistle so it scares them. Sometimes I whistle and point to the sky so they look. It makes me laugh LOL. Also, I sleep upside down in my bed with my wife, kid and dog. My wife and kid do not sleep upside down however lol.
  • Mantra: NEVER GIVE UP!!

Eric Grant Band Gigs

  • January 30: EGB livestream for “Save the Boathouse” event. We are supporting a live venue to keep them going.
  • Every month: Catch an EGB Facebook livestream show until summer.
  • Periodically: See the EGB website for solo and band dates or our Facebook page (you can click on my personal page too)


EGB Network




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