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Darius Rucker’s “Beers And Sunshine” is unique to Rucker’s song catalog for three good reasons, as he explained to us.

Darius notes,”One fact about ‘Beers and Sunshine’ is the first song I’ve done totally virtual where no one was ever in the room together. My producer made a demo thing, then we kind of sung on it and then I put a demo on it, and then he basically zoomed with the drummer and then zoomed with the bass player and then zoomed with the guitar player and that’s how we did the whole record, so that was pretty cool.”

He adds, “Fact No. 2 about ‘Beers and Sunshine’ is after I wrote it I had a moment of thinking of changing it to ‘Tequila and Sunshine,’ because a buddy of mine thought it was a much better idea and he still says it all of the time. But the more I thought about it, I thought ‘Beers and Sunshine’ was the way to go.”

Rucker then concludes, “Fact No. 3 about ‘Beers and Sunshine’ – I made a lot of records for my label and ‘Beers and Sunshine’ is the first time I’ve written a song and send it out to them and they said, ‘Can we get that cut right now?’ (laughs) That was a pretty good feeling (laughs).”

Darius Rucker - Beers and Sunshine (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Darius Rucker's, "Beers and Sunshine" Well, I ain't gonna work todayJust wanna sit around and playGonna hit balls off the dockKi...

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