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Any day now, Gabby Barrett will be welcoming her baby girl and will become a first time mom. Meanwhile, Gabby is celebrating the fact that her “I Hope” single was certified multi-platinum in 2020.

The mom-to-be told People, “I’m still blown away. I’m so thankful for having so much time off this year to really let it soak in. Being presented with my plaque for ‘I Hope’ was really an indescribable feeling.”

She adds, “I just remember being young and always seeing plaques of artists that I really looked up to on the walls of different places, hoping I could have at least one of those someday. I’m dreaming with my eyes open as they’re hanging up on my wall. Hopefully, I’ll be able to collect some more in the future.”

As for the early part of 2021, Barrett will focus on being a new mom. She offered, “I’ll be off the map for a bit. I think it’s really important to focus on her for that amount of time and just really take a break from music. You can look forward to, if the pandemic ends, me starting up in spring/summer for some cool stuff.”