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Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany spent five hours at a Nashville ER last night (1/21) because Brittany was feeling like she was “having a heart attack.”

Brittany took to her Insta stories last night as she and Jason sat in their car outside of the ER. Brittany explained, “After five hours, yep five hours of being at the ER, I have pleurisy which is the lining around your lungs is inflamed.”

She adds, “To help this you take ibuprofen so I hear wine is a cure but also I think I’m gonna get divorced now because I just put this man through five hours at the ER.”

Jason said, “Dude, five hours that’s being generous for something that two Advil would have knocked out in thirty minutes.” Brittany pipes in, “In my defense it was very painful and I thought I was having a heart attack,” to which Aldean says, “No, you weren’t that’s like having indigestion.”

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