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Little Big Town’s latest song, “Wine, Beer, Whiskey,” has been a perfect song, given the trauma that the world has gone through over the past year The group co-wrote the song together, and they told us what their go-to drinks are. Jimi Westbrook says, “I definitely go for whiskey, that’s my go-to. I like it on a big cube. (laughs) What I really love is E.H. Taylor. It’s so good. It’s like caramel in a glass.”

Jimi’s wife and bandmate, Karen Fairchild, enjoys a good red wine, and it could have the band’s name on the label, she says, “We had a Syrah that we did a couple of years ago, and it still just drinks fantastic. And then I’ve been drinking Frank Family Vineyards. Their Cab is wonderful.”

For Kimberly Schlapman, she enjoys a lighter, sweeter drink. She offers, “I hate to toot our own horn, but (laughs) my favorite wine, I like wine, and we have a canned wine, Day Drinking, and the peach is my favorite. It’s so yummy.”

And for Phillip Sweet, he will usually choose between two different liquors. He says, “I usually go to a cold shot of Crown Royal from the freezer. I like tequila, and if it’s tequila, I like Casamigos Reposado, and I like it neat; no ice, nothing, and you can mix in a little pineapple juice for fun.”

Little Big Town - Wine, Beer, Whiskey (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Little Big Town's, "Wine, Beer, Whiskey" Listen to Nightfall now: Subscribe to this channel: https://u...

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