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Morgan Wallen’s 2020 included a bit of controversy as he was bumped from a musical spot on Saturday Night Live after viral videos showed him partying with college women and not social distancing. Months later, of course, he returned to perform on the show. And his career continues to skyrocket.

We asked Morgan for his highlights of 2020 and he started with the expansion of his family. He told us, “My son being born was the top surreal moment. I still have to look down and see some expression he’s made and say, ‘Yeah that really is my kid, you know.’ It’s been cool to get to see him grow up a little bit he’s not really talking yet but he’s starting to get his personality and laugh which is starting to make him unique.”

Wallen posted a picture of himself with his son shortly after he was born in July, saying, “Little sleepy guy.”

With Morgan’s new double album Dangerous coming out on Friday (1/8), he also talked about what a whirlwind 2020 has been. He said, “Things with my career, it’s been wild to see the headlines and the stats, they are there, you know, it’s really happening.”

He added, “I try not to get too caught up in it because I don’t want it to affect me creatively or as a person, but it’s a blessing and I’m having fun with it.”

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