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In addition to his career taking off in 2020, Morgan Wallen became a father. His son, Indigo Wilder, was born July 10, and he now co-parents the baby with his former girlfriend, KT Smith.

Morgan tells People of the arrangement, “It is definitely not how I imagined parenthood. I wanted to have a family like my parents. My parents are still together. They raised [me and my sisters] together. That was my idea for what my life would look like. Obviously, that’s not the way it turned out. And I struggled with that a little bit when I first found out.”

Wallen says he and Smith had broken off their years-long relationship before their baby — whom they call Indie — was conceived, but he shares, “Obviously, we still saw each other some.”

He says he’s “thankful” to share his son “With someone I care about. We’re doing our best to figure it out, just trying to do the best we can with the situation. I mean, a lot of people obviously have been in this situation before — having a kid with someone you’re not with — but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.”

As Morgan has grown into his new role, he says he’s leaned on his parents Tommy and Lesli, who’ve traveled from their home in Knoxville, Tennessee, to help with their grandson’s care. He offered, “I’m still learning. I would definitely not consider myself an expert by any means.”

He adds that when Indie gets a little older, “I just hope to give him as sound advice as my parents gave me and just show him love and let him know that I’m here for him and that I’m his friend. I’m here to help and I’m here to guide. I’m just gonna try to do the best I can.”

When touring starts back up, Wallen admits that he may need more help with the baby, saying, “I’ll probably have to hire a nanny or do something, because I know that sometimes I’m not going to be able to always be as hands-on as I need to be. Obviously, I still want to be as much a part of his life as I can, but I have obligations that I have to fulfill in order to take care of him. I know that that’s on the horizon, so those thoughts are in my head, and I’m going to do the best I can to make sure that everything is as good as it can be.”

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