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Whether you’re here for a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory prequel or not, one is coming. I personally am NOT here for it, but, if it makes me feel even a fraction of the magic that the original does, I’ll consider it a surprising win.

Warner Bros. has released a loose release date for “Wonka,” March of 2023.┬áThe prequel will possibly begin filming later this year after lockdown in the UK ends. As for what it will be about? All we know is it will focus on the younger years of Willie Wonka and his rise to candy superstardom.┬áThere is no word yet on who will play Willy Wonka, but there are rumors that it might be Tom Holland or Timothee Chalamet.

What are your feelings on the prequel? Happiness? Anger? Let me hear it all – @jacksonblue on Twitter.