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WWE Network will be making the move to NBC’s Peacock streaming service. The deal is said to be worth a billion dollars to World Wrestling Entertainment, which will lead to record profits for the company even though ratings for their programming has been slumping as of late.

WWE Network will make the jump and launch on Peacock as of March 18th. All WWE PPVs including Wrestlemania will stream live on Peacock, beginning with WWE Fastlane on March 21st.

Also through the partnership you will see documentaries like WWE 24, WWE Untold and WWE 365 as well asĀ original series likeĀ Steve Austin Broken Skull Sessions.

The move will positively effect viewers’ bank accounts as WWE Network currently costs $9.99/month while Peacock begins at just $4.99/month – and will include the WWE Network for that price starting in March.