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Meet Louie Bello from Boston

The journey for this singer/songwriter began on the streets of Boston, singing harmonies with his friends. Certainly an unusual path to country music, but that’s how it happened for Louie Bello.

Louie’s talent for writing, singing and performing has taken him to stages all over the world. and in studios from New York to LA, to write original songs for tv shows from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to The Real World, God Friended Me and more. He has also written theme songs for ESPN and PBS.

The passion in Bello’s singing and performing has deeply connected him with his fans in Boston and all over the country. He touches people through his art, linking his story to theirs, never holding back on his emotions. This ability has earned Louie awards and opportunities.  The Improper Bostonian named him one of their Best Of, and he earned a Nightlife award for Best Performer.


Listen to Louie

“Rescue Me”

Bello wrote this one with Jason Tucker in Nashville and says, “I featured Jason singing on this one because it became such a powerful song that I wanted his passion.  It was produced by Coran Henley. It is a song about thanking that person that rescues you through the tough times. It could be your mom, dad, sibling, wife, dog or even a stranger. We all need someone when times get rough.”



Being Bello 

  • From: Boston
  • Now lives in: Nashville/Boston
  • Current Single: “Rescue Me”
  • What led you to music: My Dad introduced me to the world of performing and writing when I was a teenager. He exposed me to so many different styles and performers that I quickly became hooked.
  • How old were you when you started: I started singing with my buddies on the street corners and basketball courts when I was around 15. We recorded songs in my dads basement on an old 8 track.
  • First country song you learned: Folsom Prison was my first country song that I learned when I was about 15
  • Instruments played: I play a little piano when I write
  • How would you describe your sound: I have a country/soul/pop vibe with my music
  • Who inspires you: My family inspires me by their support and their hard work in their own careers
  • Dream duet partner: Gary Levox (Rascal Flatts) would be an awesome duet partner
  • All-time favorite country song: My favorite Country song is “Humble and Kind”
  • First country concert: First country concert was Rascal Flatts
  • Favorite current song on Country 1025: “Night Shift” by John Pardi, “Life Changes” from Thomas Rhett and “Just the Way” by Parmalee and Blanco Brown. I could probably name 10 more lol!
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Probably be into sports entertainment in some way.
  • Most proud moment: When my daughter got accepted to the University of Louisville
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: When I toured overseas and did a show on the Faroe Island near Iceland. I got to stand on the top of a volcano and overlook nothing but ocean. It was a moment of reflection and humbleness that I will never forget.
  • Fun facts: I love to do carpentry. I really like to bake, and I love playing hockey.
  • Mantra: Always keep putting one foot forward, even when you feel the weight of the world pulling you back!


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