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What a sight for sore eyes! The Boston Red Sox truck packing up some gear and getting ready to head to Fort Myers for Spring Training! We don’t know what the season will look like, but dang it, it’s Truck Day!

Truck Day: It’s symbolizes so many things…Hope, faith and love, come to mind.

We have such high HOPES for a fresh new season! (And praying it will happen with at least some spectators in person)

We have FAITH that all is being done to make this a winning season.

And we LOVE our Red Sox! We love them enough to actually have a day we celebrate (albeit mostly silently) the equipment truck packed with everything from baseballs to bubble gum leaving Boston for Fort Myers!

Its it crazy to be thrilled at the sight of people packing a truck?  Yes, but this is Boston baby.

So, to you and yours on this February 8…Happy Truck Day!!


Pass the peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Let’s roll!

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