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Darius Rucker has spent most of quarantine at his new home in Nashville with his teenage son Jack and he’s learned a lot about his boy including the fact that his vocal talent has changed a bit.

Darius recalled when he first really heard his boy sing. He told us, “My son Jack, he’s going to hate me to tell the story, but when he was a kid, him and his sister told us to come upstairs and they were doing this talent show for us. And they sang ‘Goodbye’ by John Legend and he (Jack) sang it.” The song was actually a collaboration between John Legend and legendary Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes called “Don’t Say Goodbye,” you can hear their version here.

Rucker continued, “I didn’t know the kid could sing and he sings it and it brought me to tears and I’m just I’m thinking this kid’s going to be a great singer.”

But things have changed in the years since that happened. He says of the now 16-year-old, “And the other day, we’re riding in his car and we’re going and he starts to sing and it was just awful. And he turned to me and he goes, ‘I lost it Dad’ and I was I was like, ‘Yeah, you lost it.'”

He adds, “So I learned that Jack can’t sing anymore.”

Darius Rucker